Core Values

We sell only high-quality complete water purification systems that really work. 10,000 gallons at a time.

A Company Built with Integrity

Rely on Complete Water Purification for point of use water filtration systems you can trust. We’ve been helping people with clean water since 1998.

We believe in maximum water quality with minimum maintenance.

We don’t sow confusion. At our site you will never find:

  • Junk science
  • Fad products
  • False claims

Our products produce pure, clean water. Right at your tap.

complete water purification process produces clean drinking water

Only the finest water for your drinking and cooking pleasure.

Quality is important to us because we know it is important to you.

A Company You Can Trust

Since 1998, as an authorized Aquathin dealer we’ve been earning trust one glass of water at a time.

AQUATHIN® CORP. was founded in March of 1980 and formulated from a single concept that they were going to produce the most effective water purification system available. With over 37+ years of pure excellence and seven patents, Aquathin has in fact developed the finest water filtration, conditioning and treatment systems for residential, commercial and laboratory applications.

Every Aquathin water filtration system and replacement filter we sell are proudly made in the USA. Each filter is produced in an ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9000:2008 certified factory.

We will not trust the safety of your water to foreign manufacturers. Why should you?

You deserve the best. You deserve a Complete Water Purification filter.

Complete Water Purification (Division of CeeDEEKay, Inc)
175 S. Sandusky Street
Suite #415
Delaware, OH 43015
740 203-9303

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