Aquathin PEARL 30 RO/DI Water Purifier

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As the new owner of an Aquathin PEARL 30 RO/DI water purification system, there is a totally new experience awaiting you. You and your family will be amazed at the delightful new taste of your tap water—it’s like owning your own personal mountain spring. This truly is the most effective and efficient water treatment system available.


According to Natural Resources Defense Council, “America has a drinking water crisis. An NRDC study has found that contaminants that may harm human health are found in tap water in every state in the nation.” A variety of issues ranging from a quickly decaying infrastructure to more and more contaminates leaching and being dumped into our water supply is the problem. Aquathin developed the PEARL 30 water purification to overcome those issues.

The PEARL 30 water purification system integrates three patents to give you 30 Stages and Levels of protection. This is the most effective and efficient water treatment system available.

Aquathin’s Pearl multi-patented reverse osmosis & deionization process combined with a heavy-duty prefiltration provides water that salt-free and eliminates nitrates, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, radionuclides, and disease-causing waterborne microorganisms as well as emerging pharmaceuticals.

People who are serious about their drinking water know the benefits of maintaining the quality of the water using reverse osmosis. When used in combination with granular activated carbon it removes contaminants, such as chlorine, chloramines and reduces, nitrates, heavy metals, salt, chemicals, and pesticides.

No other water purification even comes close to the Pearl 30 RO/DI System

  • Stages 1-4     Aquathin 100+ Super Quad Desiment Filter
  • Stages 5-6     Aquathin 100+ Granular Unidirectional Activated Carbon Filter
  • Stages 7-8     Aquathin 100+ Aquashield Antimicrobial Carbon Block Filter
  • Stage 9          Aquathin Xtra HiFlo Thin Film RO Membrane
  • Stages 10-14 Aquathin Deionization Multi-Chambered Module
  • Stages 15-16 Aquathin Carb 6 Post Filter
  • Stages 17-21 Aquathin Patented IQ-EMP Self Diagnostic Controller
  • Stages 22-23 Aquathin Proprietary Stainless Steel Valves
  • Stages 24-25 Aquathin Proprietary HD Micro Switch and Sensors
  • Stages 26-27 Aquathin Backflow Prevention Valves
  • Stage 28        Aquathin Anodized Aluminum Bracket
  • Stage 29        Aquathin Lifetime Warranty
  • Stage 30        Aquathin Golden Guarantee

The Pearl 30 quite simply exceeds all other systems in its class with regards to quality and efficiency. Proudly made in the USA.

Pearl 30 Dimensions:

  • Modular Frame: 9 1/4″ W X 17 7/8″ H X 16 1.2” L
  • Pressurized reservoir 4 gal. holding tank (larger tanks available) NSF Approved. The design of components allows for compact installation to preserve valuable cabinet space.

System Maintenance

Automatic flush valve system for your convenience and extending the life of the ro-memebrane. Once a year you will want to replace the prefilters and post filter. Due to the Automatic flushing system, the ro-membrane should last 2-3 years before it needs replacing


“AQUATHIN EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY” for parts, except for normal modular changes and abuse. 2-year limited warranty on electric components. We Golden guarantee it! NO ONE DOES IT BETTER.


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