Aquathin Soft & Clean Softener

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The Aquathin SOFT & CLEAN Water Conditioning Series is a compact, total home water softening system for the removal of calcium, magnesium (which are hard water constituents) and up to 5 parts per million of iron.

As the new owner of an Aquathin water conditioning system there is a totally new experience awaiting you. Showers and baths will feel cleaner and fresher. Laundry and dishes will be brighter and spot free.


Are you tired of hard to clean water stains and soap scum on your fixtures and tiles? Don’t you want to feel clean when you get out of the shower or bath? Are your white clothes dingy looking? If you answered yes, we have a solution.

Aquathin’s SOFT & CLEAN water conditioning series is a compact, total home water protection system that removes the hardness caused by calcium and magnesium and up to 5 PPM of iron.

The fully automated super all-weather control valve permits hassle free customization settings for each installation. The patented Clip-Cabinet is made of reinforced virgin recycled plastic (keeping it GREEN) and permits easy installation and service. The Clip-Cabinet is protected by AquaShield technology and also incorporates built-in Microban Product Protection which inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

The benefits of owning a Soft & Clean water softener includes:

  • Cleaner dishes, pots, pans, silverware and glassware.
  • Reduced soap scum on tiles and bathtubs. Makes cleaning so much easier.
  • Softer hair and skin.
  • Requires less soap in the bath and laundry.
  • Whites are whiter, colors brighter and clothes softer.
  • Appliances that use water, (hot water heaters, coffee makes, dishwashers, ice machines and washing machines) last longer.

Also available in a handsome SYN-Chromatic (Twin tank) sizes for larger residences and restaurants.

You Deserve Clean Water

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